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Recruitment Module

Our user-friendly interface allows you to manage vacancies, applicants and shortlists, as well as generate reports for HR and business purposes.

This module allows organisations to attract potential candidates by providing them with the opportunity to register and apply for vacancies available in your organisation.

Additionally, you will be able to create vacancies, manage and shortlist applicants through our intuitive, user friendly interface.

Not only can we include assessments as part of your recruitment module, but why not include a pre-screening solution to save costs on assessments while still narrowing the applicant pool.

Did you know?

A bad recruitment decision can cost an organisation between 150% and 300% of the annual salary related to that particular position.

Can you afford to make bad recruitment decisions?

Assessment Module

Utilise our empirically valid psychometric assessments to minimise the subjective nature of the recruitment, selection and development processes by matching the applicant’s skills to the inherent job requirements.

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to tools utilised by 80% of the worlds most profitable companies?

This module allows organisations to attract potential candidates by providing them with the opportunity to register and apply for vacancies available in your organisation.

This module offers a number of psychometric and non-psychometric assessments. With this module you can monitor, track and manage assessment projects, as well as generate available reports

The thorough assessment battery and integrated reporting will assist you in selecting the most suitable candidate(s) for your organisation

Selection Module

Simplify selection and succession planning processes using our server-based platforms that facilitate the procedures customised to our clients’ practices.

This module can incorporate both selection and succession planning, depending on the client’s requirements.

For selection, an integrated merit list of candidates is provided, which simplifies your selection procedure, making it easier to attract and select the best candidate for the job.

Talent and succession vaults, which map the succession for critical roles within your organisation, are also available.

Leadership & Development Module

Develop and track your employees’ talent through our Development Module. Also assist leaders and managers develop their leadership skills through collaboration with the use of our LeadSpace Platform.

TotalTalentSolved has built a social collaboration platform that allows managers to remain strategically aligned across the organisation. Stuff flows down hill, and therefore if managers are upskilled and updated on critical behaviours that are vital to the organisation’s success, it is more likely that employees will mimic similar positive behaviours, yielding positive outcomes.

When developing your employees, a Development Toolkit, consisting of exercises and reading lists, is provided to each individual, where the development areas are based on assessment results and the requirements of the role.

The LeadSpace platform ensures the optimal development of key leadership skills thus resulting in influential leaders who stand out from the rest.

Did you know?

There is a 25% decrease in productivity When organisations fail to implement social technology amongst highly-skilled employees and management.

Why would you not invest in social collaboration?

Performance Management Module

Track individual and group performance through our real time, easily accessible performance management and goal tracking system.

This online module gives an overview of an individual’s real time performance and also provides tangible outputs for performance reviews.

Additionally, it enables organisational goals to cascade across the business to achieve individual, team as well as organisational objectives.

You can also monitor the creation as well as the progress of individual, team and the organisation’s strategic goals.

Incorporating the performance management and goal tracking, this module allows you to monitor and track your employees’ workplace performance and goal achievement. These tangible outputs can be used for performance reviews and can assist in identifying employees’ possible development opportunities.

Did you know?

89% of organisations are changing to new and improved performance management systems.